A Message to our valued Friends & Customers

Tim Jarrett

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A Message to our valued Friends & Customers

Dear customers and friends, 

We don’t need to tell you that this is a difficult time – you are no doubt facing significant challenges within your business as all of us get to grips with the impact of the coronavirus on our daily lives.

Over the coming months, technology is clearly going to play a key role in maintaining business continuity, and we wanted to let you know that we are committed to support you throughout this period.

At J&L, we have well-established remote working practices, which means we are here to assist you in keeping your staff and systems fully operational. Our helpdesk service remains open and available to answer any questions as you settle into the pattern of working from home. 

Please always know that you can pick up the phone and talk to us, whether it’s to resolve a specific technical issue, for more general advice about service provision within your business, or simply to discuss your IT concerns with a friendly voice.

Our website states that “IT solutions start with real-world challenges” and there are few challenges we have all faced as big as this, so we would just like to take this opportunity to give everyone our best wishes for the coming weeks and months ahead.

All at Jarrett & Lam

+44 (0)1293 127 128

Tim Jarrett

About: Tim Jarrett

Founder and Director Tim is a highly-experienced IT and technology professional. He is focused on understanding clients’ business challenges and resolving them through best-fit IT services and solutions.

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