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Lawrence Gill

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Jarrett and Lam Branded Products

Here at Jarrett & Lam, we really want our clients and associates to know that we're passionate about what we do. So, we recently reviewed some of our marketing and branding strategies and decided to purchase some new mugs, business cards and USB sticks.

After some sad goodbyes to the 10-year-old mug that our Principal Systems Developer, Joe Towner, had grown attached to, the Jarrett & Lam team toasted with a hot cup of coffee to a new and brighter future.

The new products all articulate Jarrett & Lam's long-standing commitment to our passions: high quality software; personal and professional IT support; and digital solutions. Now, when visiting the Jarrett & Lam offices in South Nutfield, you'll be able to wrap your hands around the Jarrett & Lam logo on a warm cup of coffee. When we visit you, you'll be reminded of our passion and expertise when we put one of our new USB sticks into your hardware. And, of course, if you don't know us yet, we can now give you a high-quality business card so that when you need our assistance, we're but a phone call away.

We hope that these changes will make us more accessible to our customers and encourage them to contact us to talk about how we can make their lives easier.

If you'd like to talk about how to close the gap between your business and your customers, why not come in and chat to us about it over a cup of coffee served in our new mugs?

Lawrence Gill

About: Lawrence Gill

As J&L’s Technical Support Engineer, Lawrence provides clients with frontline support on business-critical IT issues while also providing assistance to the wider team on a range of operational matters.

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