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The world of digital marketing is increasingly content-driven and goes far beyond web pages. Today’s best practices are evolving faster, and this is driving businesses and marketers to pump out huge quantities of content of all types. At some point, though, we must ask ourselves where the compromises will be found, and often, the answer will be in quality of both the content itself – and where it is placed. Often, in digital marketing, less is more, and quality is everything. 

It is so important, in such a noisy, crowded marketplace the internet gives us these days, to give the audience real, valuable information that can create engagement, build trust and credibility. It isn’t easy to tick all these boxes as a business owner or manager, however. 

How easy is it for businesses to improve their own content?

J&L understand that improving your website and other web content will not happen overnight. It requires some knowledge of SEO, some good (or even reasonably good) content production skills and some time to put into practice, whether you’re writing blog posts, creating webinars or product demonstrations, making infographics – the list is endless. Producing content should have value to create the right impression – and if you’re going to the trouble of producing it, you might as well do it properly to maximise your ROI too. 

Basic or outdated Content Management Systems (CMS) can be clunky, technically-buggy and hard-to-navigate for all but the tech-savvy. This can be a big problem for business owners, reducing their ability to access their own website back-end. Updating to a more user-friendly experience can make website updates much easier, particularly with WYSIWYG functionality.

When small businesses are busy growing, it can be tough for owners to find enough time to create content while keeping their focus on the business itself. This can often mean that digital marketing is overlooked, simply because there isn’t time or inclination (or skillset) to tackle it on a regular basis. 

Use a professional to create your content

Creating the right first – and lasting – impression for your visitors can be tough if you’re not a professional marketer. In some industry sectors, it’s tough for the professionals too. Businesses know their own offerings best, but often don’t really know how to put it across in the right way, before they even begin to think about placement, reach, engagement and so on. 

No matter what you’re creating, whether it is written content, video, graphics or imagery, the secret of success lies in the quality of both the content and the distribution. Place your great content in the wrong place, in front of the wrong audience and it will not perform well, wasting time and precious budget. 

The best content marketing agencies spend time with the client to gain a unique perspective into the business, its core values and its products or service offerings. Sometimes website content agencies can more clearly define business goals than the very people that run them every day. With experience and professional best practices, research-driven analysis of existing and potential new content that meets your exact needs can begin performing for you, instead of sitting idly gathering dust uselessly deep within the website pages. 

Talk to us about improving the functionality, performance and accessibility of your website. Find out more on our website development page and let us help point you in the right direction for content production services through our network of industry partners. It doesn’t cost as much as you might think.

Osama Munir

About: Osama Munir

Osama is a highly-qualified software engineer whose contribution to client website and IT projects combines in-depth programming knowledge with customer service experience.

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