Why Strategic Analysis is Critical for Your Online Presence

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Why Strategic Analysis is Critical for Your Online Presence

Your online presence is an evolving, organic element of your business that ideally needs to be developed on an ongoing basis to facilitate success. Initial, ongoing, regular strategic analysis are all critical for creating and maintaining a clear view into the performance of your site and any campaigns you are running, whether organic or paid.

With up to date analysis of performance and behaviours, you or your marketers are able to respond quickly to any technical issues and are able to make real time adjustments to improve content problems or failing campaigns. Without analysis of performance, failing campaigns can be overlooked and this can become a potentially expensive mistake over the long term.

What is strategic analysis and why is it important?

The J&L approach to your online presence begins with a justifiable plan. We take a comprehensive view of your business and make sure that we do nothing until we have analysed the historic and potential impact of any activity.

To begin with, strategic analysis is important to define goals based on historic data and performance. This also includes analysis of your competitors, so that you can see what has been successful in your market or industry sector. Whether we’re building you a new website or working with you to improve your IT strategies, J&L always dig deep and suggest you do too. In this sense, there is no such thing as too much analysis.

As you move forward, constant analysis is an essential element in measuring the performance of current and ongoing activity, to enable swift decision-making and reducing the impact of some of the strategies that may not be doing as well.

How J&L can help you

J&L use our industry experience, knowledge and partners to define accurate marketing goals and strategies. We delve into your historic strategic performance and those of your competitors to find the building blocks of your unique marketing plan. Our experienced data analysts use existing data and offer a clear representation based on the use of our own industry intelligence tools.

Let us help you to identify existing and potential weaknesses in your online presence through strategic analysis. We can perform a one-off road map for the short- or long-term, but highly recommend ongoing strategic analysis and guidance to give you a clear picture of your business.

Through our partners, we can deliver clear definitions and goals that can really make a difference to your business performance online. Talk to us today and let us help you make sense of the inordinate amounts of data your business typically collects.

Visit our consultancy services page to find out more.

Joe Towner

About: Joe Towner

Joe is a Principal Systems Developer who has led the design and build of a variety of website and IT projects, drawing on his technical expertise in PHP7, HTML5, Windows/Linux servers, requirements analysis, web applications, web services and e-commerce.

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