Why Your Business Needs a New Mobile Strategy for 2019

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Why Your Business Needs a New Mobile Strategy for 2019

Today’s fast-paced, consumer- and data-driven marketplace is dictating how web developers, designers and marketers are working with their clients towards the creation of their online presence, and 2019 will be all about mobile.

Mobile search has been overtaking desktop for some years now, and as network speeds, device technology and performance increase, so does the need for mobile-friendly optimisation. This trend is showing no signs of slowing and it is instead making business owners aware that their websites need to not only be ready for today’s mobile visitors, but also for the mobile opportunities of tomorrow.

Every second counts

We’ve touched on the importance of site loading speed before and suggested that it is still an important trend that isn’t going away any time soon. Even a delay of a single second can lead to the abandonment of a page on mobile, which can result in conversion reduction by as much as 7%. To put this into perspective - in a big business, handling £100,000 per day on an eCommerce platform, this one-second delay could potentially translate into a loss of £2.5 million in sales per year. 

Site loading speed and faultless functionality are key to pleasing mobile visitors, but what about their expectations of your brand and design when your site opens?

Consumer expectation and how it can help to build your mobile strategy

Branding and design are important factors for your business on mobile devices. According to Google, consumers interact with brands on mobile ‘twice as much as they do anywhere else,’ providing not-to-be-missed opportunities for brands to strengthen their message and build some trust. 

This is not limited to industry sectors any more either. The expectations of consumers are high across the board, and businesses that put have mobile first and created a great experience for their customers, have pushed the bar higher. As technology and solutions advance, consumers become more demanding, have less patience and will inevitably have many other local websites to try in your wake. It is clear to see how non-mobile-centric businesses, regardless of business sector (with very few niche exceptions) can and will be left behind. 

Building a mobile strategy with consumer expectation in mind is by no means easy. Although we know mobile consumers are demanding and impatient, we also know that they want to trust our brand and find our website visually appealing. It is up to us to find the perfect moment to reach them in their consumer journey to tick all those boxes, while simultaneously delivering the experience they were hoping for.

How J&L can help shape your mobile strategy in 2019

With Google paying much more attention to mobile-friendly sites this year, following the latest algorithm updates, J&L know that there has never been a greater need for businesses to harness mobile opportunities. Mobile isn’t going away, and more and more UK businesses are being found in local search by consumers on-the-move than ever before – and this number is growing continuously.

We understand the importance of functionality, speed and design and work closely with our clients to deliver a comprehensive mobile solution that helps them to meet consumer expectation, strengthen branding and drive sales. Talk to us about app development, and how we can create the complete mobile package for your business.

Visit the Mobile Technology page to find out more or contact us today to discuss the way forward for your business in mobile.

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