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Boyle bookings

The Client

The Boyle Group are leading the traffic management industry forward with their approach to both traffic and highway management. They specialise in booking high quality labour for long and short term contracts, training, and innovative traffic management systems. With Boyle’s reputation for great service, commitment and reliability, to the team at J&L, this meant that only the best would do.

The Goal

We aimed to utilise over a decade's worth of experience in business analysis to produce a high quality system that was perfectly suited to the Boyle Group's needs. This required a top of the line, reliable cloud-based booking system that would support the rapid business expansion and growing needs that Boyle Personnel has seen in recent years. Flexible software that can handle changes to any aspect of a thriving business is fundamental in the modern workplace.

The Product

The unique custom database that we built for Boyle Personnel keeps track of every detail that is important to their traffic management process. It features a control dashboard that allows them to easily monitor and update in-progress projects, allowing for the oversight necessary to keep things running smoothly. The dashboard also has intricate management tools for organising and informing both clients and operatives meaning projects can be effortlessly maintained at every level. This includes an advanced statistical system that means operatives performance can be analysed across any dimension, including feedback from the clients themselves.

Additional Features

Operative’s portal: Staff out on the job have their own access point to the database through mobile phones allowing them to log progress, sign up for upcoming work and specify availability. This connects to the rest of the database meaning managers can get an in-depth look at the status of all operatives in a clear and concise way.

Toolbox talks: An alert system that displays all relevant and urgent notices for staff when they log in, ensuring everyone is up to date on the most important information that matters to them. This versatile system handles a wide range of notices including; new agreements for operatives, urgent project updates and general staff information.

Client portal: Boyle Group’s clients can easily log in to the system to add new jobs to the list and to monitor the status of work in progress. This enables the client to keep up to date in real time about the progress of the work requested.

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