CDI Global Deals Database

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CDI Global Deals Database

The Client

CDI Global provide knowledge-based corporate finance advisory services to a worldwide market by making great use of an international contact network. Their services and offices are widely recognised in the twenty six countries they operate in for being highly skilled in handling complex cross border transactions that if done incorrectly, could cause serious problems for the businesses they represent.  With over 1,500 successful transactions over a wide range of industry sectors, CDI Global has built a reputation for guiding middle market companies through some of the most difficult procedures in the business world.  With a broad range of services and a dedication to constantly evolving, CDI Global is a leading example of a modern business advisory service.

The Goal

Having thirty nine offices across the globe with each running numerous projects requires a sophisticated and highly robust infrastructure to keep everything running. We knew right away that CDI Global would need a heavily customised database system with powerful tools for monitoring and managing their current projects allowing them to keep up with the growing needs of the businesses they help expand.

The Product

We built a bespoke database system for CDI Global with specialised features for organising the tremendous amount of past, present and future projects they manage. Communication is a key factor in running a global business so we made it a priority to facilitate the need for all users to get the information they deem important to the people who need it, as such the users can communicate across projects and departments effortlessly resulting in a global internet network to match the external one that has made CDI Global so successful. The notification system will automatically email users about newly created projects, giving everyone on the database the chance to assess their interest and sign up for an introduction if desired, enabling the users maximum autonomy with every opportunity. 

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