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The Client

Cifas are the UK's leading fraud prevention service, managing the largest confirmed fraud database in the country. They cater to any sector of business, sharing data from many organisations putting them on the cutting edge against financial crime. An incredibly successful organisation, they have prevented over a billion pounds worth of fraud loss since 1988. Cifas established the non-competitive fraud prevention environment many businesses benefit from today by focusing on the collective benefits of protecting everyone against financial crime. They are dedicated to serving the public, and as such offer services to individuals to help prevent and recover from fraud on a personal level. 

The Goal

Going up against crime means that Cifas need to evolve constantly to stay ahead of the curve. Falling behind in sophistication or organisation could pose serious risks to any company they protect and the information they hold. At J&L we understand the absolute need for security in today’s world, and so made that our top priority for this project. Cifas would need a bespoke website that could facilitate the frequent data transfers between themselves and their members with the upmost confidence in the integrity of the process. 

The Product

We built a specialised website for Cifas with everything they need for the prevention of financial crime. The members portal we made provides a highly secure place for clients of Cifas to access guidance, training and critical information keeping them as up to date as Cifas themselves. A secure file exchange system meant that Cifas had a specific tool for exchanging data with its members and vice versa, that had been fortified against malicious intent. The website connects to their own CRM (customer relations management) software giving them an even deeper understanding of who they are working with and what they need. 

Additional Features

Booking facilities: Through the website members and clients can browse and then sign up for training courses and events ran by Cifas, this keeps everyone up to date on the critical business practises best at preventing fraud loss.

Web service: This allows Cifas to access and change information securely through their own portal across different mediums, giving them flexibility in how they work. 

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