East Surrey College

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East Surrey College

The Client

The East Surrey College is a first class further education establishment, with recent data placing them in the top ten percent nationally. They take pride in their proven ability to take students with any academic interest and not only educate them to a high level but then guide them into the real world workplace soon after graduation. Their wide range of courses include everything from apprenticeships to full degrees. Both local students and businesses alike are keen to get on board with the East Surrey College owing to their reputation for high standards and excellence.

The Goal

Understanding how users interact with websites is a speciality of the team at J&L, and East Surrey College needed to reach many people as effectively as they can. This meant they would need a modern, vibrant and dynamic website with a priority on ease of access. Clear and concise information combined with a highly accessible format means that students will find it simple to navigate the many course guides available, while also being able to attain the best possible understanding of what the college can offer them. Ultimately this leads to students being able to confidently apply through the website and East Surrey College knowing that they have been well represented.

The Product

We built a bespoke website with a strong emphasis on form and function by combining cutting edge design practises with our decades of technical experience. This website was tailor built using our in-depth understanding of the user experience. The search feature is a key point of interface for a prospective student, so we made it as flexible as possible. Students can search for courses by; type, category, location and duration while simultaneously displaying pricing, coupled with an intuitive option to download any course information the visitor might want. Naturally we wanted to make our website convenient for East Surrey College too, so we included a data integration feature into the application forms. This means everything submitted by the potential student is automatically run through the colleges CRM (customer relationship management) systems, allowing the relationship between the college and student to begin immediately.

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