3 Reasons Why You Need a New Website Design in 2019

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3 Reasons Why You Need a New Website Design in 2019

No matter the size of your business, the sector you operate in or how much you turn over annually, your website is the window to your world and should reflect the best and most accurate image of your business possible. 

Even in today’s fast-paced online world, there are still SMEs without a website at all, and this means they are missing out on sales, brand strengthening and awareness opportunities and engagement with existing and potential clients. Of the UKs SMEs with websites, more than half are not optimised for the latest online search trends, such as mobile, and their designs are already outdated.

To get the most out of online real estate, websites need to remain up-to-date in terms of technical optimisation and content, yet marketing professionals know that getting website design up-to-scratch, on-point and consistent is key to attracting the right audience for your business.

We’ve come up with three core reasons why your business needs to address website design this year.

1. First impressions are critical – how does your current website fare?

Visitors typically spend very little time deciding whether to stay on your site – current estimates are at 2-4 seconds (2019). Technical attention to the back end operational priorities play a huge role in this, which we’ll look at shortly, but careful planning and strategic analysis of your business requirements can help to deliver a first impression that pleases both Google and your visitor.

Take a tour of your current website and see what you think. Ask yourself if you’re happy with the message you give out to your potential and existing customers. Does it really reflect your business values? If you’re hesitating, then your website design probably does need looking at.

2. Technical updates are way more important than businesses realise

The importance of site loading speed, functionality and security cannot be overlooked. Website design is so much more than creating a pretty front cover. Making sure that hosting is reliable and secure, and a simple CMS is used are two technical updates that can make a huge difference. 

When these boxes are ticked and managed, site functionality and speed are vastly improved, and this is a big plus for site visitors for both experience and conversion.

3. Conversions can be increased through website design

Design and navigation of a business’ website is an important factor when we talk about conversion. The entire point of a great website is to make sales (or your other goals) as simple as possible. Site speed, clear and concise navigation and a strong leaning towards internal site structure linking, in addition to being visually appealing and mobile-optimised, are all factors that can be enhanced with a fresh look at the website design, from back-end development, hosting and updating to front-end look and feel.

How J&L can help?

Ensuring your website design is addressed comprehensively from the very start of the planning and strategic analysis of your core business requirements is something J&L take very seriously. Our approach is based on a clear view of your business needs, whether you require complete rebranding of your current online presence or whether you need a refreshed look and feel and a clean sweep of your technical updates.

J&L work closely with our clients throughout the graphic design process and can help with programming, hosting and technical support too, managing our own high-performance secure servers. Visit our website development page to find out more, then talk to us today, and together we can make your new website design deliver on the needs and expectations of your business and your clients.

Lawrence Gill

About: Lawrence Gill

As J&L’s Technical Support Engineer, Lawrence provides clients with frontline support on business-critical IT issues while also providing assistance to the wider team on a range of operational matters.

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