Microsoft Advertising Adjusts to the California Privacy Rights Act: What Businesses Need to Know

Joe Towner

Posted by: Joe Towner

Microsoft Advertising Adjusts to the California Privacy Rights Act: What Businesses Need to Know

Microsoft Advertising recently announced an update to its Advertising Agreement. This update is in response to the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), a new privacy law enacted in the United States. The CPRA aims to enhance the protection of personal information, particularly for residents of California.

Despite the geographical origin of this law, it has global implications. Many international companies, including Microsoft, are adjusting their policies to comply with its standards. Businesses and consumers worldwide who use these companies' services may be affected by these changes.

In the case of Microsoft Advertising, the updates do not alter how the company collects or processes user data. Instead, Microsoft has clarified the language in the Privacy Obligations section of the Advertising Agreement. This clarification ensures alignment with the CPRA's new contractual requirements for third parties.

These changes to the Microsoft Advertising Agreement will come into effect on July 1, 2023. Users of Microsoft Advertising will need to accept these changes to continue using the service beyond this date.

For businesses, this update is a clear signal of Microsoft Advertising's commitment to privacy standards. It also highlights the increasing importance of understanding and complying with global privacy laws in the digital advertising landscape.

J&L is dedicated to supporting businesses in navigating these changes. The company offers expert guidance and solutions in digital advertising and technology, tailored to each business's unique needs.

As always, businesses are encouraged to review these updates and assess their potential impact. For more information about the CPRA and its implications for digital advertising, or for assistance with digital advertising strategies, consider reaching out to the professionals at J&L.

Joe Towner

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