Essential Update on Google Ads Location Asset Policy for Business Owners

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Essential Update on Google Ads Location Asset Policy for Business Owners

With the upcoming policy changes to Google Ads, specifically regarding Location asset requirements, business owners advertising online must take prompt action to remain compliant. Starting December 20, 2023, Google Ads will implement stricter guidelines, directly affecting how businesses can present their location information within their ad campaigns. It is crucial to grasp these changes to keep your ads running smoothly and avoid any disruptions.

Understanding the Policy Changes

Previously, Google Ads' policies allowed some flexibility in how businesses could display location information. The updated policy tightens these guidelines to ensure the integrity and accuracy of location-related data. The primary objective is to prevent the use of outdated or irrelevant location information that could mislead customers.

According to the updated rules, Google will no longer accept location assets associated with:

  • Businesses that have ceased operations.
  • Entities not validated by Google.
  • Business locations that do not directly correlate with the advertiser, barring those in an affiliate relationship.
  • Location assets advertising products or services that are incongruent with the actual offerings at the specified location.

For every advertiser on Google Ads, it's imperative to conduct a detailed audit of their location assets against these new requirements. Non-compliance could lead to the suspension of key ad features and a potential drop in customer engagement.

Policy Enforcement Details

Once the new policy is active, Google's enforcement mechanisms will automatically review and flag non-compliant location assets, labeling them as "Disapproved." An asset marked this way will be ineligible for use in your ad campaigns. However, Google provides an option to request a review of the disapproval if you believe there has been an error.

Taking a proactive stance by reviewing and updating your location assets before the policy takes effect is the best strategy to avoid any negative impact on your ad performance.

Role of Google Business Profile in Compliance

The accuracy of your Google Business Profile now has a greater impact on your ad performance than ever before. This profile is the cornerstone for your Location assets in Google Ads, meaning that any discrepancies between your actual business details and what's presented in Google Ads could lead to disapproval of your location assets.

The Implications for Your Advertising Strategy

The changes to Google Ads' Location asset policy have far-reaching implications for how your business is presented online. Inaccurate location data can quickly erode trust and diminish your brand's credibility. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that every piece of information associated with your business locations is current, clear, and complies with Google's new standards.

Taking Action: Update and Stay Ahead

In response to these updates, we recommend reviewing all location information within your Google Ads and Google Business Profile for accuracy and completeness. Assess your current ad campaigns and location assets to identify any areas that might be at risk under the new policy.

For businesses looking for support during this transition, our expertise in online advertising and Google platform management positions us perfectly to guide you through these updates. We can offer comprehensive audits and tailored strategies to align your advertising efforts with the new requirements.


Adapting to policy changes is an inherent part of digital advertising. By taking the initiative to review and align your location assets now, you can ensure that your Google Ads campaigns remain uninterrupted and effective.

If you’re facing challenges with these updates or would like an expert to manage your transition to the new policy, please contact us. We're equipped to ensure your business meets Google's standards and excels in its online advertising efforts. Our goal is to safeguard your ads from disapproval and optimize your campaigns for maximum impact.

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